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A system equipped with various environmental sensors and connected to an international network.

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Germany, Cottbus. Open Knowledge Foundation. 14.12.2021 Photo Jan Michalko

Which problem is being solved, and how?

Particulate matter and other environmental pollution such as noise are a major problem, especially in cities. With the AIRrohr, anyone and everyone can become actively involved themselves, determine the extent of the problem and collect data, so that they can become politically active, for example. This is particularly helpful in places where otherwise no data is collected. When linked to a global network, a web of many measuring devices and data points is created. For example, forest fires can be detected at an early stage by measuring smoke development.

Why is this a good example?

Involving citizens in the collection of data is an important step on the way to democratizing knowledge. When we know how information is created and contributed to, trust grows. In addition, distributed measurement of phenomena is an important approach for responding quickly to change and working on unforeseen issues. There are now a wide variety of sensor platforms available for DIY. AIRrohr stands out as one of the first, having achieved a particular reach due to its accessibility and international community.

How can you support this project?

You can participate in the project or support the underlying platform with donations.