Project status: Completed


The project makes the laser cutter accessible to all.

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Germany, Cottbus. Open Knowledge Foundation. 14.12.2021 Photo Jan Michalko

What problem is being solved and how?

Medium technologies are, for example, machines like this laser cutter. A medium technology is characterized by the fact that it is labor-intensive and not capital-intensive. This means that it avoids the purchase of a specialized machine by spending time in the creative use of a machine that can be used for broad purposes. Thus, all sorts of complex items can be made or maintained with a simple process. For example, the Lasersaur can be used to cut all kinds of materials into any shape. The device consists mainly of standard parts. Special parts can be made with other medium technologies, such as CNC milling or 3D printers. Meanwhile, there are several versions of the laser, most of which have a power of 100 watts.

Why is it a good example?

The Lasersaur is particularly well documented and the most widely used open-source laser. As a result, it is embedded in a community. Various improvements have already come out of this.

This is how you can support

The developers of the Lasersaur from Nortd Labs are happy about donations.