Project status: Completed


The device helps people with hearing difficulties.

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Germany, Cottbus. Open Knowledge Foundation. 14.12.2021 Photo Jan Michalko

What problem is being solved and how?

Many people have a hearing impairment. Supportive aids are expensive and the development is under the control of few. LikeToHear aims to change that. The prototype is designed for intuitive app control in everyday acoustic environments which is accessible and usable by everyone. This is accomplished through the use of affordable hardware and open-source software. The goal is to lower the barrier to entry for hearing aid development and self-fitting, and to allow anyone interested to actively participate in testing and improving hearing aids.

Why is it a good example?

Hearing loss is a common impairment. The more people work on making it as tolerable as possible, the better. An open-source approach makes this possible and also allows sharing across national borders. This way, people in countries with poor healthcare also benefit.

How you can support

Participate with your skills and improve the prototype.