Project status: In progress


A system for saving water by using water more than once while showering.

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Germany, Cottbus. Open Knowledge Foundation. 14.12.2021 Photo Jan Michalko

What problem is being solved and how?

Showering is great, but pouring hot and drinkable water down the drain is not. Aside from the obvious environmental costs and the end-of-the-month bill, there are also psychological burdens – the guilty conscience. Showerloop was developed to address these issues. It is a shower that collects, purifies and reuses water while showering – through sand and activated carbon filters.

Why is it a good example?

Saving water is becoming more and more important. Every project that offers solutions helps. Showerloop is thus representative of various decentralized approaches.

How you can support

You can support the further development with a donation donation.